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Cabrand is a leading Mobile Outdoor Advertising Agency in Kolkata. Our speciality lies in Taxi Advertisement, Cab/Mobile Van Advertising & Creative Outdoor Advertising.

Taxi branding and advertising India

Stop Interrupting, Start Interacting

Modern consumers are different. They no longer prefer to give their time and brain to commercials. Most advertising campaigns fail to generate interest among consumers because 95% of them are considered interruptions. Why do you think they would pay attention to interruptive ads? The answer is simple: they won’t. This is why you need an advertising and branding solution that creates valuable interaction and not interruption. This is where taxi advertising comes into the picture.

Taxi Advertising Puts Your Brand in Front of Your Audience

Branding on vehicles or transit advertising is a booming global market. In India, the taxi market is a burgeoning ₹ 54,000 crore industry with steady signs of growth. How does it affect your brand? Taxi advertising India offers excellent opportunities to engage, inform, and entertain taxi passengers, with huge possibilities of turning them into potential customers. This can be a cost-effective way to boost awareness for your business, products, and services. Taxi advertising works because of these three reasons:

  • It helps you attract a captive audience.
  • In-taxi advertising, in particular, offers an interactive environment where a customer can “sit back and watch”.
  • It is more affordable than traditional advertising.

Get the Benefits of Taxi Advertising in India with Cabrand

Cabrand brings to you the benefits of taxi advertising in Kolkata, India. Since this type of branding is relatively new in this city, you can leverage its benefits without too many competitors crowding the space.

With more than 30,000 taxicabs running on the streets of Kolkata, catering to thousands of passengers each day, you can imagine the impact taxi advertising can have on your brand! We, at Cabrand, can help you make the right impact just like we’ve done for over 300 clients.

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