5 Benefits of Transit Branding Over Static OOH Advertising

There has been a huge shift in the way brands are reaching their targeted audience. Transit ads is the form of advertising that allows brands to place their ads on moving objects– like taxis, buses, trucks, etc. so that they can reach audience of all age groups and economic backgrounds. In simple words, if you are looking for ways to reach people from all walks of life, you should consider transit ads.

Downsides of Static OOH Advertising

It is true that some of the most creative and innovative form of advertisement can be seen outside your home and static out-of-home (OOH) advertising has been popular for a very long time. But there are certain limitations with static OOH in terms of ‘reach’. There are some major downsides of static OOH which are:

  • You can target only a specific area.
  • With static OOH ads you cannot focus on a specific target market
  • This form of outdoor advertisement is mostly very expensive and many small businesses will not be able to afford it.
  • This type of outdoor advertisements can be easily overlooked.
  • Messages on static OOHs must be very concise since it will be visible to a person for a very short period of time, say about 2 to 3 seconds. Since such ads are mostly viewed by people driving on the roads, it becomes difficult for them to read the ads. Images work well but you have to be very creative to give out the message via images.
  • Most of the static OOH advertising companies want their clients to involve in long-term commitments, since it takes a lot of hassles to change the billboard ads frequently.

Why Choose Transit Ads over Static OOHs?

Transit branding is gaining popularity as a fast pace and the benefits are myriad compared to static OOH. Visibility of your advertisement is higher with transit branding since your ads are on the move and many people (from various backgrounds) will be able to view it.

Here are a few 5 benefits of using transit branding over Static OOH advertising:

1. Better Reach

Transit ads are viewed by millions of people travelling on the roads and therefore offer better visibility and exposure to brands. For instance, nearly 30,000 taxis ply on Kolkata’s streets and more than 1,000 passengers travel in a taxi every month. This means your can potentially reach over 600 lacs passenger every month, if we consider an average taxi makes 25-30 trips with an average of 2 passengers per trip.

marketing reach

2. Helps in Brand Building through High Impact

Transit ads help in brand building through prolonged exposure of large, creative displays along with the advertiser’s name. Unlike TV and radio ads, you can’t put them off. Transit ads involve eye catching images and messages, so it leaves a lasting impression on the viewers.

brand building

3. Repetitive Ads

There are hundreds and thousands of public transport plying everyday on the Indian roads, so placing ads on them means you generate more daily impressions than static ads. So people can view your ads repetitively creating a permanent impression on their minds about a specific brand.

repeat ads

4. Transit Ads Flexibility of Ad Size and Location

You can place ads of any size on the local transports and place it anywhere you wish to – on top, on the sides, on the rear – anywhere!


5. Cost Effective Advertisement Option

Transit ads are much cheaper than any other form of outdoor ads.

Cutting costs

So if you are looking for ways to increase the visibility and awareness of your brand, consider placing innovative and creative transit ads for more effective outcomes.