6 Notable Taxi Campaigns From Around the World

Taxi advertisements or taxi branding has become a popular form of advertising in the recent years and many brands across the globe have taken advantage of taxi branding. Not only were they able to improve their branding, they were also able to reach out to their targeted audience and engage them in unique ways. Here are 6 notable taxi campaign that garnered great results for the specific brands.

1. Samsung’s Taxi Campaign – Robbie Williams Take the Crown Tour Campaign

In this campaign, Samsung engaged 60 black taxis and covered all the eight digital ad spots with the ads. The content displayed the up and coming tour and urged all the viewers to enter the competition on Facebook and Twitter. Entering the content could win them a chance to meet Robbie Williams or win tickets. The campaign was a great success.

  • Samsung got over 1,000,000 ‘Page Likes’
  • During the campaign, the Facebook Page got 109,442 new ‘Likes’
  • 2,769 tweets about the campaign got 1,684 re-tweets
  • 676 tweeters uploaded photos of the ad covered taxis


2. Cath Kidston Campaign – New Flagship Store Launch

Cath Kidston covered 8 unique taxis in variety of Cath Kidston signature prints. The taxis were hidden under huge gift boxes in Marble Arc. By 8 am there was a huge crowd gather near the site. After a countdown as the gift box opened to revel two beautifully decorated Cath Kidston taxis. The taxis then drove to the new store to be launched. Once they reached the destination, the taxis were available for any onward journeys to VIP guests.

This campaign created a lot of excitement among the passers-by and became the talk of the town.

cath kinston

3. Levis Campaign– Make Our Mark

This taxi campaign from Levis engaged the viewers and asked them to “Make Our Mark” by answering 4 questions.

  • Who are you?
  • What moves you?
  • What’s your approach?
  • What’s your dream?

The aim of the campaign was to share the brand heritage and engage customers to share their personal stories. As a result huge amounts of photos, tweets, and short-form URLs poured in, which were visible on social media and on a dedicated URL on Levi’s website.

400 taxis with advertisements on the top drove mass awareness for the #makeourmark social campaign during the Fashion Week in New York.

This taxi campaign was noted because it helped taxi travellers create content for the brand which helped in improving its brand value.


4. LivingSocial Campaign

LivingSocial is D.C based daily deals company that came up with an innovative idea to engage people and make them aware of the deals offered. The campaign used a London Cab that was fully branded with the Logos of LivingSocial. To make it more interesting, the passengers who boarded the taxi were asked whether they were willing to continue with their own journey or roll the dice and be sent to a secret destination where they could try out one of the daily deals available on the website.

While many were reluctant, many passengers chose to be driven to the mysterious destination and had a great time doing the activities. The campaign was smart since it urged people use their deals and get advantage of the free words of mouth marketing through referrals.


5. St. Kitts-Nevis Taxi Campaign

The tourism authorities of St Kitts and Nevis launched a taxi branding campaign which featured a London taxi with the feel of the warmth and colours of the two islands. This was a 12 month branding campaign hosted in partnership with the London Taxi Advertising.

The London Black Cab enjoys a special heritage and this is what gave momentum to the campaign.


6. Kate Spade New York Campaign

170 London black taxis were showcased the products from Kate Spade. Both sides of the taxis were covered with advertisement material which extended to tip seats and pink receipts for passengers.

The aim was to increase the reach in London and improve the footfall in the three leading stores in Covent Garden, Westfield and Sloane Square. This campaign was run by the brand in collaboration with Ubiquitous in 2012. This raised a lot of awareness for the brand and improved sales.