Mission & Vision

CABrand Mission:

Covers multiple objectives for each stakeholder in the simple experience of a taxi ride.

For the passenger  – The taxi ride is a pleasant experience as s/he has a lot of activities & diversions available at their disposal.  Passengers are also assured of a safe & reliable journey using the shortest path possible avoiding traffic jams using GPS Data.

For the taxi driver / owner – It is a source of additional income through incentives & monthly rentals. They have lesser idle time, as they are available at the locations where more passengers are expected.

For the advertisers – It becomes a very simple yet effective means for reaching a targeted & profiled audience – both for passengers siting inside the cab and outside the cab.

CABrand Vision:

CABrand takes a long term vision of transforming the urban landscape of India into its beautiful natural glory without any ugly hoardings while using the moving vehicles to bring advertising messages. In the process the taxi ride itself is a transforming experience & this would enable Indian cities to be comparable to those in any developed nation in the world.