Benefits for Taxi Owners

If you own a fleet of taxi, we have good news for you!

Cabrand, a leading name in taxi advertisement in Eastern India, offers excellent opportunity to turn your fleet of vehicles into unique and interactive ad platforms for a wide range of businesses, both big and small. Besides offering businesses and marketers the leverage to captivate a focused audience across the city, Cabrand brings a bunch of benefits for taxi owners as well.

  • You can become a part of a highly promising and intelligent advertising system by offering advertising space on your taxicabs for local as well as national businesses.
  • By featuring informational and entertaining ad campaigns on your vehicles, you can deliver much more than a ride to your local and international passengers.
  • Today, when consumers are increasingly tuning out television commercials, brands are seeking new ways of gaining exposure. Taxi advertisement and branding options are just the kind of exposure they are looking for. This means, you have a potential source of additional revenue through in-cab and rooftop advertisements.

How Cabrand Helps  Taxi Owners

Cabrand is a leader when it comes of taxi advertisement, outdoor branding, and OOH publicity in Eastern India, which is why we’ve had the experience of partnering with some of the biggest brands and have prestigious industry associations. We have a network of over 500 vendors and more than 10,000 taxis in Kolkata. Since taxi branding is emerging as a non-interruptive, thus desirable, mode of advertisement for viewers and passengers, it’s a win-win for both—the brand as well as you, the taxi owner!

For more information on how you can benefit from the rising wave of taxi advertisement, contact us today!