Top 10 Taxi Advertising Companies in the World

     Taxi Advertisements Companies in the World Taxi advertising is a method of outdoor advertising where the ads are placed on the taxis. Taxi advertisements attracts more attention and ensures the message is conveyed to the people across the city. There is no limit to space which can be used for advertisement, this means […]

Popular Taxi Advertising Formats in Different Countries

Competition among businesses is on the rise and the traditional ways of advertising have become saturated. People no more show interest in billboards or banners, no matter how interesting they are. TV adverts can be helpful to spread awareness and the business message, but they are too expensive. So what does one to do reach […]

New Trends and Innovations in Taxi Advertising

The market share of transit ads in India is set to increase as more and more brands recognize the potential of various forms of transit ads to attract audiences on the go. According to a research by one of the world’s top research and advisory firms, IMARC group, the market share of transit advertisement in […]

The Power of Taxi Advertisements

Whether you own a small or medium sized business, its success depends on the marketing efforts. If you are unable to promote your services or products, the potential customers will remain unaware of what you have in store for them. Indian brands are looking for innovative and creative ways to advertise their services and products […]

How Taxi Branding Helps Brand Get Noticed

Calling a cab in the wee hours of morning or while returning back home from a late night party can save you from a lot of trouble. With time, therefore, the need and demand for calling a cab has increased significantly. Advertising agencies all across the globe are making the most out of people’s everyday […]