5 Benefits of Transit Branding Over Static OOH Advertising

There has been a huge shift in the way brands are reaching their targeted audience. Transit ads is the form of advertising that allows brands to place their ads on moving objects– like taxis, buses, trucks, etc. so that they can reach audience of all age groups and economic backgrounds. In simple words, if you […]

Top 3 Indian Cities for Taxi Branding

The average Indian still is dependent on various public transports to travel from one place to the other. The percentage of car ownership of the households remains at 3-13 percent, while that for two wheelers is at 40-50 per cent. This means most people in India predominantly travel in public transports. Buses make up over […]

How To Win at Taxi Branding

It is extremely important to create a marketing and advertisement campaign in order to improve the brand awareness. Advertisers are mostly attracted towards the traditional advertising concepts like TV and newspaper ads, static hoardings, etc. but 95% of such ads are interruptive in nature. Advertisements should be interactive in nature rather than interruptive. So if […]