Kolkata Outdoor

Why Outdoor Advertising Works For Brands Looking To Capture Kolkata Market?

First of all, Kolkata witnesses a huge influx of daily commuters from suburban and even rural areas. This means with the help of outdoor advertising campaigns, your brand can instantly capture a large share of audience that traditional advertising or other media may find hard to tap into.

Secondly, the type of 24/7 presence offered by outdoor advertising is neither readily achieved through other media nor as cost-effectively. As a result, an effective outdoor campaign can deliver sustained levels of awareness over other advertising media.

In terms of cost, putting up static billboards and hoardings at multiple locations can be cost-prohibitive and resource-intensive whereas mobile outdoor advertising like taxi branding can offer excellent exposure repeatedly to make sure your brand’s message is memorable and easy to recall. Plus, outdoor advertising allows you to target a broader demographic.

How Cabrand’s Outdoor Advertising Service Helps

Cabrand boasts of a strong, decade-long presence in the outdoor advertising industry in Kolkata. In these years, we have gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of Kolkata’s market and we invest our insights into every outdoor campaign we produce to achieve the best out of it.

We have strong industry connections and partnerships that helps us to grow our expertise continuously. We work keeping in mind the industry standards and best practices to ensure each outdoor campaign delivers the promised benefits to our clients.

We offer the following outdoor advertising services:

  • Taxi branding
  • Transit advertising
  • Mobile media advertising
  • Outdoor publicity

Get in touch with us to discuss your branding requirements in Kolkata. To see our contact information, visit our Contact Us page.