What Makes Taxi Advertising in Kolkata an Effective Outdoor Branding Solution? 

The quintessential ‘yellow taxis’ of Kolkata are one of the city’s most popular public transport system. There are more than 30,000 taxis in Kolkata, catering to an estimated 600+ lacs passengers every month. Besides, the traditional yellow taxis, Kolkata is witnessing an upswing in the consumer use of app-based taxi aggregators like Ola and Uber. With a rapid rise in the number of taxis in the city, it’s easy to spot one in every 1-2 minutes, which makes these vehicles a solid medium for advertising.

Since taxis do not follow any fixed route to travel, they offer greater exposure across the length and breadth of the city. With taxi advertising, you can target high-traffic areas of the city and advertise there multiple times daily, at a much lesser cost than billboards and hoardings. Taxi advertising is equally effective as a standalone branding solution as well as in combination with other advertising media.

Cabrand Offers Leading Taxi Advertising Service in Kolkata

With its suite of excellent outdoor advertising services and experienced staff, Cabrand has helped many brands meet their advertising goals through innovative taxi branding campaigns. We know what works best for Kolkata market and design our taxi ad campaigns accordingly to suit the individual needs of our clients.

Our taxi advertising service can:

  • Help local businesses achieve 24/7 presence.
  • Deliver better exposure for larger branding campaigns.
  • Enable national brands to enter into targeted regional markets.
  • Help your brand connect with the right audience for a sustained period of time.

Are you interested in our taxi advertising service? Please contact us to discuss further.