New Trends and Innovations in Taxi Advertising

The market share of transit ads in India is set to increase as more and more brands recognize the potential of various forms of transit ads to attract audiences on the go. According to a research by one of the world’s top research and advisory firms, IMARC group, the market share of transit advertisement in India is set to grow by 22% during 2013-2016. Since a major portion of the population in a number of cities in India are dependent on public transports, the scope of reaching the targeted audience through taxi branding and other forms of transit ads is vast.

The emergence of app-based taxi aggregators like Ola and Uber is driving the rise in taxi travelling passengers. Stats suggest that in India, there are around 10K Meru Cabs, 4K Ola Cabs, above 2K Taxi4Sure Cabs and more than 24K city taxis operating in metro cities. Over 30,000 taxis ply on the streets of Kolkata alone. Besides, there are thousands of private taxis. No wonder, this has brought a boom in the Indian taxi market.

Taxi Advertising in India

In order to survive the competition of today’s market, it is essential for the brands to invest in some form of advertisement campaigns. In most cases, the businesses have to shed off a major portion of their earnings towards advertisement campaigns, most of which are very expensive.

Transit advertisement offers businesses with a cost effective way of reaching the targeted audience. Taxis, both private and app cabs, travel throughout the country all through the day, so they can reach larger chunks of population and can spread the message about your company. This is a reason why taxi advertisement is one of the most commonly used form of advertising by the major brands.

The potential of outdoor advertisement was first recognized by the Late S.K. Nicholson, the founder of SELVEL in 1941. He set up the first hoarding at Grant Road on Sattar Building. Similarly transit ads have existed nearly as long as public transport itself.

Best Taxi Branding Campaigns for Various Brands

A number of renowned brands across the world have utilised the power of taxi branding and they have benefitted immensely. Here are some examples how various well-known brands used taxi branding to reach out their targeted audience:

  1. Hugo Boss: London Taxi Advertising launched a livery taxi advertising campaign to promote the famous fashion brand HUGO BOSS. Media Agency Group, who appointed London Taxi Advertising placed the advertisements on taxis that were running in Central London. The reputed fashion brand chose the medium of taxi advertisement to promote their new fashion collection and presence on the Regent Street.
  2. Standard Life: Standard Life, the long term savings and Investment Company also chose taxi advertisement to promote thought leadership and re-engage their targeted audience.
  3. Domino’s: Domino’s Pizza also used taxi branding as a means to promote their brand. They advertised via London taxis. Arena Media planned the taxi branding campaign for Domino’s in order to increase the brand visibility in the capital.

There are several other well-known and reputed brands that have used taxi branding to their benefit.  So if you are looking for ways to reach out to the audience in an effective and less-expensive manner you can consider taxi branding.

Proven Strategies and Practices in Taxi Advertising

If you have decided to use taxi branding for your company, you can safely go ahead with it but before that educate yourself about the most effective forms of taxi branding. Here are some ways in which you can place the ads to have positive impacts on your target audience:

  1. The Livery Format: All the panels of the taxi are wrapped with the advertisement, including the tip-seats.
  2. The Superside Format: Advertisements are placed on all four panels of the taxi and the taxi exclusively promotes on brand only.
  3. Tip-Seats: A number of in-taxi posters are placed with a strong call-to-action and one-to-one messaging.

Taxi branding is one of the most powerful forms of transit advertising, so if you want to increase the visibility of your brand outdoors, taxi branding can be a great way to do so.