Popular Taxi Advertising Formats in Different Countries

Competition among businesses is on the rise and the traditional ways of advertising have become saturated. People no more show interest in billboards or banners, no matter how interesting they are. TV adverts can be helpful to spread awareness and the business message, but they are too expensive.

So what does one to do reach the target audience to improve brand awareness within budget? Transit ads are perfect for such situations, since they are effective and cheaper than many other forms of traditional advertising. Talking about transit ads, taxi advertisement is the most popular and most efficient form of outdoor advertising, since taxi ply across the length and width of a city, thus your message reaches every corner of the city.

The benefits of taxi advertisements are many and brands which have used taxi advertisement have seen the advantages. So if you are considering this form of advertising for your business, here are the most popular taxi advertising formats that you can choose from.

1. Liveries
This is the ideal form of taxi advertisement and offer better impact on the viewers. The entire taxi (the exterior) is covered with your branding – this means the sides, rear, bonnet, rear window, back and the roof top will be covered with advertisement. Taxi liveries allow you to fully brand a taxi with your advertisement.

2. SuperSides
SuperSide advertisement allows you to advertise your brand on both sides of the taxi and this the most cost effective way of promoting your business. With SuperSide advertising, you are able to take advantage of the eye level platform that boosts visibility and provides better impact. To get maximum benefit create appealing ads and see how your brand loyalty improves.

3. Rear Window Advertising
This format of taxi advertising allows you to utilize the rear window for promoting your products/ services. Most rear window ads are visible inside as well as outside, so the people walking on roads can see the ads along with the passengers sitting inside. Rear window ads are an effective way of promoting your brand without impairing the driver’s visibility through the rear window.

4. Tip Seats
Tip seats ads are a form of interior advertisement. This is an amazing way of attracting the attention of taxi passengers. With an estimated time of 25 minutes per rise, there is enough time to grab the attention of the people and allowing them to do a desired action – phone call, registering, etc. Most people travelling in taxis are business people or belong to the affluent class, so tip seats ads allow you to target a special segment of people.

People travelling comfortably in a taxi will have an opportunity to go through the information and details placed in front of them rather than people walking on roads. This format of ads also enables you to engage your target audience in innovative ways.

A number of taxi advertisement formats are offered by the various taxi advertisement companies and you are free to choose the one that suits your needs the best. Use taxi advertisement and promote your brand in the most cost-effective and impactful way.