Why Your Brand Needs Outdoor Publicity?

There are more than 25 million daily commuters in India. With such a large number of consumers moving outdoors, they are often spending less time at home, and as a result are less exposed to traditional media like television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Clearly, traditional advertising can no longer be your sole medium for delivering your brand’s messages to your target audience.

Today, outdoor advertising is a rapidly growing market in India due to its ability to create brand awareness and maximise exposure in seemingly infinite ways. Because of its high target reach and frequency, outdoor publicity and branding allows your message to reach many different sections, classes, and categories of people throughout a city multiple times every day. While outdoor advertising is great on its own, it can also reinforce your messages communicated through other forms of media.

Some benefits of outdoor publicity:

  • Makes branding memorable and easy to recall
  • Can be targeted through areas of demographic interest, creating flexibility
  • Great for creating awareness
  • Endless creative opportunities
  • More cost-effective than traditional advertising
  • Lends more credibility to the brand

Cabrand Can Become Your Outdoor Publicity Partner

One of the leading outdoor advertising agencies in Kolkata, Cabrand has more than a decade of experience in out-of-home advertising. We have helped more than 300 brands establish their presence in Kolkata with the use of creative outdoor media campaigns. If you are looking to capture the market in Kolkata or want to strengthen your brand’s presence in the city, we can help you. Contact us today!