In Taxi Advertising

Spread Your Brand’s Presence Everywhere with Cabrand’s In Taxi Advertising

Cabrand specialises in taxi branding and creates excellent avenues for its clients to capture the attention of their target customers at their highest attention-paying time. However, the biggest advantage of taxi advertising whether as a standalone advertising platform or as part of an integrated campaign is that it can expand your brand’s reach to almost anywhere in a city, helping your brand connect with a million of potential audience. Unlike other public transport systems, taxis do not follow any fixed route to travel, ensuring visibility across the length and breadth of the city.

Using our taxi advertising service, you can effectively present your brand, product, and services before high-income buyers, business decision makers, tourists and visitors. And, since taxi is also the choice of transport for middle class to the low income group, be it for emergency needs or for saving time, your brand gets visibility among almost every section of the society.

Our in Taxi Advertising Service Offerings

Utilise maximum ad space. Our taxi advertising typically provides the advertisers a space on the exterior—side doors, back and bonnet—as well as in the interiors of the taxi, that is In Taxi advertising.

Take your brand message wherever you want. Vinyl printed with effective content is pasted on ad spaces. You can let the taxis carry your messages to your target regions or to wherever they go—both enhances your brand’s visibility.

Bring brand consciousness among your target audience. Boxes with brochures and leaflets containing information about your business, products, and/or services can be placed inside the taxi to spread awareness about your brand.

Some Advantages of Our Taxi Advertising Service

  • You can place “Contact Us” forms or leaflets to follow up with the passengers. These filled-out forms can act as a good source of leads and prospects.
  • As a way to introduce a new product in the market or to draw the audience attention to your products/services, you can offer free samples of your products or small gift vouchers to passengers.
  • Static billboards and hoardings at prime locations can cost you a bomb, while taxis carry your brand even in those areas without the added expense.
  • With taxi advertising, you can be more specific about the profile of your audience.
  • Taxi advertising is a simple yet effective means for reaching and interacting with a targeted audience at specific locations within the city.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your brand grow with our taxi advertising services, call us or send us an email.