What are the chances of someone noticing a billboard while travelling on a speeding auto or bus? Very less. But, even they do notice the billboard, it’s never possible for them to read its content. For brands and businesses, this could mean losing many opportunities and potential customers.

Cabrand’s Transit Advertising Offers Better Reach and Greater Impact

Customers on the go are a moving target, making it difficult for businesses to capture their attention through static, blink-and-you-miss kind of media like billboards. However, if your company wants to broaden its reach, you simply can’t overlook these prospects. This is why you need transit advertising through which you can grab your customer’s attention directly at their eye level even when they are travelling. Connect with Cabrand to give your business a boost with transit advertising. We network with more than 500 vendors and have successfully met the branding needs of over 300 brands and organisations.

What Transit Advertising Can Do for Your Brand?

Research shows that transit advertising market in India is slated for a sizeable long-term growth. Why? Because transit advertising helps brands maximise their reach in ways that static advertising never could!

Through transit advertising, you can showcase your products and services at the busiest intersections like theatre, cinema halls, shopping malls, schools, and the other high-traffic areas of the city multiple times throughout the day, every day, at a much lesser cost than billboards and hoardings.

No other outdoor advertising option gives your brand the flexibility of location and staying power as cost-effectively as transit advertising.

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