I would like to thank Ideazfirst for the success of Hiland Greens on behalf of the entire Hiland Group. The recent launch of Hiland Greens has surpassed all our expectations and we have achieved unprecedented success in the industry with this project. We appreciate your contribution of Ideazfirst to our project as they provided us with efficient manpower as and when required. It was a pleasure partnering with Ideazfirst for this project and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Abhishek Ganeriwala
Head – Sales & Marketing Hiland Group

Ideazfirst has earned the reputation of delivering timely results within budget, which as a client is we are always seek in a partner. The Ideazfirst team has the ability to convert concepts into reality with consistency and reliability. They will always be my first choice in the field of event management.

Debraj Sanyal
Founder & Director – ImBiz India – Bega Cheese

What differentiates Ideazfirst from its peers, is the excellent managerial skills of the head of the firm, Mr Rajesh Kishanpuriya. We found that he is the kind of leader who has great people skills and works as one with his team. Our acquaintance with Ideazfirst has been really fruitful and we look forward to working with them again.

Priyadarshan Joshi
CEO at TaxSmart Technologies Pvt. Ltd

In my experience, Ideazfirst has always lived up to its claims that innovation is its middle name. Team Ideazfirst takes a proactive approach and always comes up with creative, original and innovative ideas to any challenges. They have also made the most of their networking abilities and delivered successful results. They are a highly motivated and inspiring team and are indeed a pleasure to work with.

Jyoti Prakash Singh
CEO at myETmyHT

When it comes to providing innovative solutions towards marketing a new product, there a few who can match up to the abilities that team Ideazfirst displays. No challenge seems ever to big for them to take up! The excellent entrepreneurship qualities of the founder of the firm Mr Rajesh Kishanpuriya are worth a special mention here. It was a pleasure working with a person of such magnitude.

Nitin Garg
IT Project Manager – CRM, Tata Consultancy Services

The key differentiator between a good firm and a great firm is the presence of an inspiring leader. Ideazfirst has always delivered good results because they have a good leader at the helm. I have known Mr Rajesh Kishanpuriya personally and worked with him on several occasions. I truly believe that what Ideazfirst has achieved so far is only the beginning. With a creative and completely dedicated and professional team they are sure to make a big difference in the days to come.

Sudarshan Roongta
Vice-President, EMEA Industry Strategy & Insight at Oracle Corporation

Ideazfirst stands out because of their well researched approach to the industry they choose to work with. Their intense knowledge and creative approach will make them and an asset to any company that engages their services.

Akash Agrawal
Business Management and Supply Chain Professional

Accountability, responsibility and the ability to deliver results under tremendous pressure is what makes Ideazfirst stand out as a firm. The fact that they are really interested in the creating value for their clients is what is so heartening about Ideazfirst.

Abhisek Agarwal
Partner at Bharti Consulting

What makes team Ideazfirst a pleasure to work with is their readiness to walk those extra miles to deliver the best results to their clients. We have worked closely with team Ideazfirst and found them to be extremely professional and goal oriented. I appreciate their methodical, analytical and articulate approach to coming up with innovative solutions. I am sure they will go places with their high business ethics and superb service culture.

Sunil Agrawala, MS, PMP
Project Management Consultant, Trainer

Our association with Ideazfirst has been wonderful to say the least. They have always delivered more than our expectations and are always willing to listen and come up with fresh ideas anytime. Their professional approach and service with a smile attitude will help them achieve dizzying heights some day.

Prashant Lohia
Founder & CEO, Ginni Systems Limited, Retail Software Solutions Providers

Ideazfirst is a pleasure to work with because they truly deliver solutions that are out of the box. It’s their confidence and focus that is striking and I admire the fact that they can deliver innovative solutions in a very short span of time.

Arjun Roy
Intrapreneur & COO, Ginni Systems Ltd

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all

Michael Leboeuf

That fact that we have been able been successful in our endeavor to do the best for our clients, has been endorsed by our clients time and again. Here is what some of our happy customers had to say about Ideazfirst.