The Power of Taxi Advertisements

Whether you own a small or medium sized business, its success depends on the marketing efforts. If you are unable to promote your services or products, the potential customers will remain unaware of what you have in store for them. Indian brands are looking for innovative and creative ways to advertise their services and products in a cost-effective way. In an effort to reach a larger audience, businesses are leveraging the transit advertisements. Today’s consumers are much more mobile and spend a lot of time out of their homes.

Why Choose Taxi Branding?

Taxi advertising is gaining popularity at a fast pace and through this form of advertisement businesses benefit from universal coverage by targeting huge volume of consumers at a time. Taxi branding also ensures that messages are seen by the right kind of people and at the right time. In spite of such potential, many businesses still haven’t considered utilizing this form of advertising.

Scope of Taxi Branding in India

In India there are about 10K Meru Cabs, 4K Ola Cabs, above 2K Taxi4Sure Cabs and more than 24K city taxis plying the metro cities. Apart from these there are thousands of private taxis operated by individual owners. By adopting taxi advertisement you can increase the visibility of your products and services and improve your brand recognition to a great extent. Consider this—In Kolkata, nearly 30,000 taxis operate everyday and an average taxi serves around 1,800 passengers every month. That’s over 600 lacs passenger every month, considering an average taxi makes 25-30 trips with an average of 2 passengers per trip. You can imagine the reach your brand can get with the help of taxi advertising.

Benefits of Taxi Branding

Here are some benefits of using taxi branding as part of your marketing campaigns and these will also encourage businesses to consider promoting their services/ products through this form of transit advertising:

  1. Taxi branding offers the highest visibility compared to any other form of on road advertisement
  2. 95% of traditional ads are considered interruptive. Taxi advertising is more interactive and offers better engagement than traditional ads.
  3. More than 95% of the taxi/ cab commuters belong to the affluent class and has high disbursal power.
  4. Taxis and cabs cover minimum 250 Kms per day and spend a minimum of 15 hours daily on the major roads.
  5. The taxi advertisement are visible every day and every minute to the potential customers
  6. Taxi advertisements are eye catching and unique and offer higher retention rates.
  7. Taxi branding is the most cost-effective form of advertisement
  8. You have the flexibility to place the ads where it will have maximum visibility. For example, you can place the ads on top of the taxi or paste it on the body, whichever you think will attract more attention.
  9. Effective targeting of both urban and rural audience.
  10. Taxi advertisement is a powerful form of advertisement and generates high brand awareness.

Taxi branding can be beneficial for all the small and mid-sized businesses, which are willing to promote their products and services in a cost effective manner. This medium of advertisement is still very much under-supported and under-utilised. Business owners should consider leveraging this form of advertising to reach larger volume of targeted audience along with improving the branding and visibility of their businesses.