Top 10 Taxi Advertising Companies in the World



 Taxi Advertisements Companies in the World


Taxi advertising is a method of outdoor advertising where the ads are placed on the taxis. Taxi advertisements attracts more attention and ensures the message is conveyed to the people across the city. There is no limit to space which can be used for advertisement, this means you can place ads on the sides, rooftop as well as inside of the taxis.

Here is a list of top 10 taxi advertisement companies that did a great work with taxi advertisements:

1. UBIQUITOUS: This is a London based taxi advertising company that offers excellent taxi advertisement services and has helped a number of clients achieve their goals. Ubiquitous has worked for renowned brands like L’Oreal, Microsoft, Vodafone and many more.

CabConnect was launched by Ubiquitous which is considered to be the most significant taxi advertising innovation in the industry yet.


2. Clear Vision Advertisement: Established in 2009, Clear Vision Advertisement is a leading taxi advertising agency in New York. The agency takes pride in catering to the advertising needs of clients that range from top fortune 500 companies and mom & pop shops.

Clear Vision Advertisement offers its services to clients like McDonald’s, Smirnoff, Abu Dhabi Tourism, to name some. The agency helped McDonald’s to popularise it Late Night Menu by placing ads on 125 cabs and spread the message to the mass.

clear vision

3. Clyde Taxi Advertising: Established in 1999, this agency offers taxi advertisement services throughout UK. Taxi advertisement formats include full digital wraps, tip-up seat advertising, branded receipt pads, mega side wraps, super-side advertising and leaflet dispensers.

Clyde Taxi Advertising helped Adidas to promote their newly released Adidas F50 football boot that was available for purchase at Greaves Sport in Edinburg or Glasgow.


4. London Taxi Advertising: This is UK’s leading taxi advertisement agencies and they offer wide range of Taxi media & formats to ensure the brands and their message reach the right segment of people.

London taxi Advertisement helped Crabtree & Evelyn with their outdoor campaign during Christmas. The full livery taxis no doubt made a strong presence on the streets of Paris and had a great impact on the people before they started shopping for Christmas.

london taxi ad

5. BrightMove Media: This agency is the leader in digital out of home advertising services and operates in London, the UAE and Germany. BrightMove Media promotes various brands through real-time digital rooftop screens put up on London black taxis. This ensure maximum visibility and maximum reach.

BrightMove Media takes pride to be part of the Cadbury’s 2014 Out of Home campaign that promoted the famous Creme Egg. Strap lines ‘”Here for a Good Time” and “So many Eggs so little Time” were displayed on top of many black taxis and the campaign saw great success.

bright move

6. Cabrand: Cabrand is a leading outdoor advertising agency in Kolkata, India and they specialise in taxi advertising. Cabrand has helped a number of Indian brands improve their brand awareness through taxi advertising.

Cabrand helped Hiland Group with promoting their new venture Hiland Greens and the response was amazing.

cab logo

7. VeriFone Digital Network: This taxi advertising agency offers both traditional and digital taxi advertising services. VeriFone Digital Network has helped a number of brands popularise their services/ products through taxi advertising.

American Airlines joined hands with VNET to raise their brand awareness. 40 Liveried cabs and 1500 taxis with digital advertising were used to make people aware of the passengers. VeriFone Digital Network served other clients like Samsung, Amex, Aldo, etc.


8. Blue Line Media: This is an US based advertising company that provides transit advertising, taxi branding, and mobile media services in 300 cities across the country. Their clientele includes famous names like PETA and NASA.

Blue line

9. Mobile Media Taxi Advertising: Claiming to be “Florida’s largest taxi advertising provider”, Mobile Media Advertising is a one stop shop for a wide range of mobile and taxi advertising services in and around Florida. The company has helped many businesses gain exposure and visibility in their target markets efficiently yet cost-effectively through well-crafted ad campaigns.

taxi florida

10. The Ad Media: This taxi advertising agency offers taxi top advertising at the most reasonable rates. The advertising campaigns run by The Ad Media produce high impressions and helps various brands improve their brand visibility and brand awareness.

ad media