Top 3 Indian Cities for Taxi Branding

The average Indian still is dependent on various public transports to travel from one place to the other. The percentage of car ownership of the households remains at 3-13 percent, while that for two wheelers is at 40-50 per cent. This means most people in India predominantly travel in public transports.

Buses make up over 90 percent of public transport in Indian cities, since they serve as cheap and convenient mode of transport. Not only state run bus services, several metro cities in India have privately run bus services which have luxury buses. A large portion of the Indian population also travels by taxis, both traditional cabs as well as app cabs. A number of private taxi services like Uber, Ola, Taxi4Sure, etc. have started offering their services in various Indian cities since people from the affluent class want to travel in comfort. The number of private taxis as well as the app cabs is increasing due to the heavy demand. Uber, one of the app cab services, has introduced ‘cash payments’ in many cities to make travelling easier for people who are not comfortable paying online.

This shows an increasing number of people in India are preferring taxis over any other mode of transport.

Top 3 Indian Cities for Taxi Branding


The auto fares in Bangalore have gone up considerably, so more and more people are willing to hire a taxi that is available at the same rate or even cheaper at times. As a result of this fare war, the luxury cab services have been able to get a foothold in this city.

Ola and Meru have introduced cabs at very reasonable rates to make transportation reliable, economic, convenient and easily accessible. Both, Meru and Ola have plans to increase their fleet in the coming year. So the businesses willing to promote their brands in a cost effective manner, can utilize the powers of taxi branding in Bangalore.


Kolkata, which was dominated mainly by the traditional yellow taxis for all these years, is seeing a shift in the consumer behaviour. Luxury taxis like Ola and Uber have been able to thrive in Kolkata due to the huge demands of commuters in Kolkata. The number of applications seeking permits for luxury cabs has multiplied manifolds, according to the West Bengal transport department.

A senior transport department official revealed that till May’15, about 5,000 applications for luxury cab permits were received, nearly 10 times more than that of the last year. So there is a huge virgin market for those willing to take advantage of taxi branding. The number of taxis is increasing rapidly (currently there are nearly 30,000 taxis in Kolkata), which means the scope of taxi branding is immense.


Delhi has as many as 78,686 registered taxis as of 2013-14. Among these approximately 5,071 are radio taxis, 3,435 are economy radio taxis and 22,138 are tourist taxis. With this huge number of taxis plying the city every day, there is a huge scope for businesses to take advantage of taxi branding.

So, if you are willing to target the audience belonging to the major cities where taxis are the primary means of transportation you should target taxi branding in the above mentioned cities. Not only will you be able to increase the visibility of your brand but also improve the conversion rates.