How To Win at Taxi Branding

It is extremely important to create a marketing and advertisement campaign in order to improve the brand awareness. Advertisers are mostly attracted towards the traditional advertising concepts like TV and newspaper ads, static hoardings, etc. but 95% of such ads are interruptive in nature. Advertisements should be interactive in nature rather than interruptive. So if you want to attract more audience towards your brand and improve the brand awareness, then as advertisers you must think of innovative advertising concepts that are cost effective as well as interactive.

The new genre of advertising, known as ‘Taxi Branding’ offers the advertisers with an innovative way of placing advertisements in front of their targeted audience. A huge number of advertisers are trying out the taxi branding bandwagon for three major reasons which are:

  1. These advertisements are targeted towards a focused bunch of viewers
  2. Cost effective advertisement option
  3. Non-interruptive advertisement medium which allows the audience to sit back and enjoy the experience.

Why Taxi Branding is gaining popularity?

Taxi branding is gaining popularity at a fast pace since it has the capability to take your brand to every nook and corner of the city unlike the static hoardings. So the advertisers can target both the rural and urban with help of taxi branding.

The major reasons why taxi branding is gaining popularity are:

  1. This is an effective advertisement method since it engages the audience at their highest attention paying time.
  2. Since taxis do not follow a specific route, it has the capability to reach a wider and diverse audience.
  3. Taxis cater to the needs of people belonging to the middle and low income groups, so the advertisers can reach a wider range of people.

Placing hoardings at prime locations can be very expensive, but with help of taxi branding you can reach those places at the same cost. Moreover, with taxi branding you can reach people sitting inside the cab as well as those outside the cab.

If we consider taxi branding in Kolkata, each taxi gets more than 1500 unique passengers per month and more than 30,000 taxis ply in this city alone. This means, you can reach above 600 lacs passengers every month. With taxi branding you can place the advertisements on the side, back bonnet as well as on the top of the vehicle.

Successful Taxi Branding Campaigns

Creative thinking and a well-strategized approach are two of the main ingredients of effective taxi branding campaigns, like we did for a popular Bengali TV soap “Isti Kutum” on Star Jalsha (a Bengali channel), which helped in increasing the awareness and viewership of the soap. Around 100 taxis were decorated (with floral decorations) as wedding cars to give the city a feeling of the grand wedding of “Baha”, the lead character of the soap. The channel’s tagline “Chalo Paltai” was also made popular through one such taxi branding campaign.

The taxis travelled every corner of the city and also carried passengers, so almost every individual in the city saw the decorated taxis and this resulted in the improved TRP ratings and excellent PR mileage. The Star Jalsha Facebook page also received a huge number of likes and shares for the pictures of the decorated taxis.

Similarly, the well-known publication Ray & Martin was able to connect to their target audience (students of class 11) through taxi branding which promoted their book (Sahitya Bichitra) and offers.

So if you are among those looking for effective as well as inexpensive way to popularise your brand, you should consider using taxi branding. Using taxi branding in the right way can help you improve the brand awareness and reach diversified audience which will ultimately boost your business growth.

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